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Beautiful painter Claudia Kusznirczuk turning ambstiousness in to success

nelly nastase

Posted on October 09 2018

Beautiful painter Claudia Kusznirczuk turning ambstiousness in to success



I met Claudia 14 years ago in a small fashion boutique in Vienna. We were shopping, and she heard me talking Romanian and she immediately started talking to me, that was when we became best friends, we discovered same passions plus the both of us became mothers that year, and it was fun raising out kids together..
Besides the beautiful memories I have with Claudia I’d like to say that I admire her as a person, and as an artist, I admire her for the drive and the ambition she always had, she stood by her dream and passion no matter what and today one of her biggest dreams was accomplished.
Claudia was born in Romania, she studied Management and right after that she fell in love with a handsome American, they got married and moved to Vienna, where Claudia will start to develop her passion for art. But let’s hear more from her!

What age did you start painting?
I started to paint when I was in primary school at age 7. I didn’t realise at that age that I would even consider painting a passion. However, I stopped painting when I was 16 and at the age of 22 I restarted.

Where does your inspiration come from? If your paintings are abstraction can you immediately understand their message?
Generally from nature and of course the figurative art comes from people that inspire me. Prince Khalid from Bahrain asked me to paint his portrait, he like it very much and he invited me and my family to a beautiful vacation in his country.

How do you define your art?
Colorful and with lots of feelings put into it.

Where did you exhibit your artwork?
In various countries in very famous galleries- A lots of exhibitions at the Museum Döbling Vienna, Ringstraße, Vienna Art fair Gmunden Austria, Bast-Art Gallery Vienna I sold a lots of paintings there, Brukenthal National Museum in Sibiu, Romania, McMiller Gallery - Kensington London-UK.

One of your biggest dreams just became reality this fall and I know you are very happy. What did it take to be accepted for a masters in Arts in England?
Yes, I am very happy , I was accepted at the University of Art in London for a Masters Program in Painting Wimbledon, one of my biggest dream . It is difficult to get in because it is a renown and famous university.
I was extremely determined to be accepted into this prestigious program. I never gave up and followed my dream.
I waited all my life to accomplish something that seems untouchable; imagining myself at UAL and now realising one of my life’s goals. The power of my subconscious mind brought me where I am now.

Where did you study painting before?
I studied in Vienna. I could say that I started my artistic career there, I also had the honor to study with Hurbert Smalix.

What is the meaning of painting in your life?
I have to admit I only paint because I read a biography about Van Gogh’s life.
The book impressed me so much that I literally started to paint when I was very young.
The painting for me is life, excitement, and discovering something new. It’s a way to express yourself, to let your feelings spread energy through your hands.

What are the price ranges of your paintings ?
There are various price ranges depending of the size between £500 and £7,000. For instance the 200x200 cm sells for around £7,000.

Where can we see your work?
My latest work is displayed on instagram at Claudia Kusznirczuk and as well on

Who are your favorites artists?
William Turner, Peter Doing, Van Gogh, Picasso, Adrian Ghenie

I know you also love fashion, we use to go shopping together, what’s your favorite kind of clothing?
I love everything about fashion! In particular, I love new styles and it doesn’t have to be a famous or known brand.

How is London fashion for you?
I find it amazing. There are so many choices from different countries and cultures. Some people find it the best in the world and I honestly think your NellN brand will be a success here.

Do any of your daughters have a passion for painting?
My two daughters have talents but unfortunately none of them have a passion for painting.
Diana, my older daughter, has a passion for pop music. She is an absolutely fabulous singer.

What is your biggest dream as an artist?
My biggest dream is to have many people loving my art and to be successful and become well known worldwide for my art.

Is it ever to late to follow your passion?
Generally speaking it’s never too late. Especially when it’s about art. Art is freedom....


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