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Be stylish at brunch, lunch and dinner, anytime, anywhere!

nelly nastase

Posted on July 23 2018

Be stylish at brunch, lunch and dinner, anytime, anywhere!

I used to travel very much in my life, and I always had the same problem, what shall I take with me, how many pieces of clothing will I need, and what kind? Of course I would pack more than I need and some times I’d come back with half of my clotes untouched.
So when I started my clothing line, I thought about many of the issues we have, especially nowadays when all of us travel so much, I wanted a dress good for any occasion, easy to pack, no need to iron, so I came up with this vibrant patterns inspired by my art, that makes this dress wearable on any occasion. It’s the little dress that makes you elegant, trendy ,cool, and different, it’s easy to pack, you can even hold it in your purse.
Here you have some pictures from friends and clients of NellN that adore this special little dress, The “Big Apple Dress” and it became their No. 1 traveling fashion statement NY style!





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